I can't do this alone!

There's nothing more valuable to you as a business owner or CEO than a board of advisors you can trust.

However, that's not enough. You also need a mastermind group you can rely on to offer ideas, insights, experience, practices, and perspective.

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Insights 100 %

Ideas 100 %

Experience 100 %

Practices 100 %

Perspective 100 %

Our Why

Profit Pilots believe…

Small business owners, their CEOs, and their employees are the pilots and crew that design, build, maintain, and fly the craft we call the economy.


The Profit Pilots Difference

Black Swan

Profit Pilots is an unexpected member operated business association unlike any leads group, networking group, or consultant led advisory board available to small business owner-CEOs in 21st Century America.

Guru You

Profit Pilots members together—no consultants—apply a proprietary mastermind-accountability process to address the issues, challenges, problems, and opportunities Owner-CEOs otherwise have to face alone.

You Belong

Your Profit Pilots team is your Trusted Board of Advisors™ and each member commits to confidentiality, to support your growth and prosperity, and the best interests of your business, employees, customers, and community.

Cost Effective

Profit Pilots measure the value of working together as a team by how much each member and each member’s business grows and by the confidence members develop in each other and in themselves over the years.


Profit Pilots, Inc. continues to develop affiliate programs, strategic alliances, joint ventures, and group buying opportunities to deliver benefits to members that members may not be able to secure on their own.

Peer to Peer

Profit Pilots become close friends and share mutual interests outside of Profit Pilots’ meeting: business golf, supporting a charity, membership in social, civic, religious, or politics organizations, or just hanging out at a ball game.

About Our Process

Life is not a game that one plays in isolation. Every aspect of life—and that includes one’s relationship to all of those one’s life touches—is connected. Fail in one area and you can expect a domino effect of failure in others. The Perpetual Cycle of Empowerment™ keeps members focused on success in all aspects of their lives. Every regular meeting of a Profit Pilot Command fuels each of the four engines of the Perpetual Cycle of Empowerment: Sharing Wisdom, Building Trust, Finding Balance, and Creating Wealth.

Our Vision

Profit Pilots is a national network of 1,000—or more—Profit Pilots Commands. Each Profit Pilots Command is composed of twelve to twenty-four small business CEOs and owners that are a powerful voice in support of small business.


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Our Blog

Insights from Profit Pilots Mastermind/Collaboration Sessions…


Do you really want to grow your biz in 2017?

I want to share with you one of the many the ideas, insights, experience, practices, and perspectives I gleaned from the

30 January, 2017

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Benjamin Franklin’s Junto

The Junto by Benjamin Franklin (1727) In 1727 Franklin formed a small club for mutual benefit and improvement, called the Junto

15 January, 2017

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A Business Planning Secret…

Expecting simple solutions to complex problems is…simplistic. If a business owner/CEO expects to grow and prosper in 2017, s/he would be

10 January, 2017

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Morning Musings by The Profit Pilot: EUREKONOMICS

Over the past forty-some years I developed a financial model that small business owners could apply to both their business and

29 November, 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Profit Pilots, Inc. a leads group, a networking group, group coaching or a management consulting practice?

Answer: No. Although…personal introductions generate quality leads, networking connections happen spontaneously at Profit Pilots events, members coach each other through our proprietary process.

Question: Is a Profit Pilots group led by a coach or consultant?

Answer: Each Profit Pilots group is led by a dues paying member. Members and leaders of a Profit Pilots mastermind alliance want only to serve as your board of advisors over the long-term as you grow your business and change your life for the better—and they want and expect you to do the same for them.

Question: What is the typical makeup of a Profit Pilots group?

Answer: Members of a Profit Pilots group are business owners and CEOs of non-competing businesses. In addition, Profit Pilots groups businesses by both the number of employees and annual revenue to assure the membership reflects a variety of ideas, insights, experiences, and perspectives.

Question: How can I join a Profit Pilots group?

Answer: Profit Pilots currently operates groups in Greenwood Village, CO and is considering groups in Glendale, CO, Evergreen, CO, Denver, CO, Aurora, CO, and Minneapolis, MN. Membership in established groups is by invitation only. Pending groups are open and considering applications for founding members.

Contact us

If you would like more information about membership in a Profit Pilots Command, send us your contact information using the form below. Profit Pilots HQ will respond promptly.


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