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JR Sep 14, 2016 Uncategorized 0

It’s Only A Buck…

How many times have you heard – or said – something like, “Let’s buy it!  It’s only fifty bucks.  That’s a twenty-five dollar savings!”  Guess what.  There is no “only” when you are dealing with your money.

If, instead of spending $50.00, you put your fifty bucks into a savings account, those dollars would compound to over $400.00 in 30 years at 7.2%.  Add in the 25 bucks you “saved” and you’d have over $600.00.  Consider that you make those kinds of decisions frequently – say 12 times a year – and your compounded savings total is over $7,000.00.  Do it every year for 30 years and you be a lot closer to fifty grand than fifty bucks.

Only fifty bucks?  Don’t kid yourself.  The old adage “every penny counts” is an old adage because it’s true.  We all tend to trick ourselves when it comes to money, and one of the oldest tricks in the world is the “it’s only.”  The next time you think you are saving money buying a product on sale, ask yourself if the product you are buying and the money you are “saving” is really worth it.

Remember – only money is money.  For everything else, including investments, you have to spend your money.  When you’re closer to pushing up daises than doing fifty push-ups, having money, instead of the stuff you bought on sale, will be a blessing.

“You can be young without money but you can’t be old without it.” Tennessee Williams

Waddayathink?  Am I wrong?  Did I miss something?

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