Businessman with BowTie
JR Sep 22, 2016 Uncategorized 0

I have always had a conflicted relationship with men’s fashion. I just don’t get it. I am especially concerned with the perception one’s attire makes in a business setting.
The slim-fit suits that currently dominate the advertising by men’s clothing businesses look, to me, like a suit I may have bought when I was sixteen years old and had a 32” waist and a 36” chest—I’m a bit larger now. The men that wear their pants below their behinds make an even more confusing fashion statement to my seven-decade-plus mind.
When I was growing up brimmed hats were the norm. A hatless JFK during his inauguration speech put that fashion statement to rest. The ascendency of the western half of the USA made denim and sport coats acceptable as business attire. Business casual has become the norm for many businesses every day. Some business’s have no norms and you couldn’t tell the difference between the CEO and the janitor based on dress.
Now, I don’t object to any of that. My concern today is—as it has been for my entire business career—does what I wear affect how people perceive me; what makes a positive first impression; what turns people off; does one’s attire engender a feeling of trust and likeability or fear and loathing.
I haven’t figured it out in the past fifty years, so I would love to gain some perspective from the rest of the world.
Waddayathink? Am I wrong? Did I miss something?

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