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It’s Time!
It’s Time for the Next American Revolution…
The Convention of States
Authorized by Article V of the U S Constitution…
What Trump and Sanders have both tapped into during this year’s primary season is the embryonic consciousness in the United States of America that the unholy alliances between and among…
• government
• politicians of all stripes and PACs—Political Action Committees
• behemoth entities of whatever nature…business, environmentalists, unions, billionaires, and bankers
is closely analogous to what happened over two-hundred years ago…the BIG of England in that century denying the rights of individual citizens and demeaning the value of “We the People…”
When one reads the Declaration of Independence and relates the abuses of the 1700’s articulated in the Declaration to the abuses of government in the early 2000’s, the parallels become clear.
Elections will not solve this problem. Elections simply, replace one ideology with another, apply hastily prepared bandages to the severed arteries of government that bleed “We the People…” for tax upon tax
convince the citizens of the United States of America that the newly elected ideologues are taking action to, reduce and eliminate the national debt, limit the influence of BIG on big government and on “We the People,” and stop enslaving “We the People” with free stuff.
This short essay addresses the one and only way “We the People…” can rest control of government from the Behemoths on the left, on the right, in the middle, in business, unions, the environmentalist cartel, and—perhaps most of all—the shadow government in banking and finance led by the Fed. Read it. Get it. Pass it on. Maybe we can save the United States of America from relegation to second or third-rate status…with no one to blame but “We the People…”


I’ve been an unabashed proponent of small biz and advocate for small biz owners for over fifty years. In Big Is Bad, I outline the existential threat big government and it alliance with big PACs, big business, big unions, and big non-profits pose to small biz across the USA and to the character and even existence of the United States of America. I make this case without invoking ideology or political persuasions since ideology and politics trump principles and oppose common sense.
To the contrary, the premise for Big Is Bad derives from the principles that informed the Founders of the United States of America and their common sense reaction to enslavery by the kings and merchants of the most powerful nation on earth at that time. During the century of the Revolution, England progressively imposed its will on and burdened the colonies citizens and small biz owners with the weight of their top-heavy government and economy…big was bad.
That progressively unbearable burden led to a revolution and the defeat of the most powerful nation on Earth at the time; a revolution fueled by the abuse of the BIG and supported by the “self evident” truths so clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence and enacted in the Constitution of the United States of America.
Today, 2016, the citizens of the United States of America face the same challenges the Founders dealt with in the 18th century…
• A self-glorified government that has progressively—over the past century—imposed its will on citizens without the consent of those citizens
• An unholy alliance between big government and other entities big enough to manipulate government and impose their needs on citizens by demanding benefits—based only on political contributions—from both the executive and legislative branches through tax preferences and manipulation of regulatory agencies
Fortunately, the founders recognized the risk of BIG, and wrote Article V into the Constitution of the United States of America giving “We the People…” the power to reverse this diabolic trend. The aim of this brief essay is to help “We the People…” recognize and do something about this progressive trend. Read on…
“Big Is Bad” isn’t a moral judgment.
“Big Is Bad” is a logical conclusion drawn from observing economic and social—especially governmental—reality. “Big Is Bad” describes what happens when an enterprise grows too large.
For example…
• The American auto industry—its management and its unions—grew rapidly after WWII. The companies and the unions became Behemoths.
o The largest companies and unions first destroyed their American competitors and then GM and Chrysler failed and had to be bailed out by big government. BigBad.

• President Carter presided over the passage of the misguided Community Reinvestment Act. This act made owning a home contingent upon the largesse of the government and the granting of immunity from risk to mortgage lenders. The financial stability of the buyers became an afterthought.
o Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac grew like an unchecked cancer, became bloated Behemoths, and destroyed themselves and the equity of millions of Americans and had to be bailed out by—you guessed it—big government funded by “We the People…” BigBad.

• Wall Street was once the investment capital of the world. Today it’s the bailout capital of the world. In 1999, the US Congress—with its perennial lack of foresight and wisdom—repealed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933. They replaced it with the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act, which changed the law to allow banks, insurance companies, and investment firms to mix and match the services they provided to their customers.
o Wall Street firms like Lehman Brothers, insurance companies like AIG, banks like Wachovia, and hundreds of lesser-knowns became Behemoths—too big to fail said the Dolts in DC. They failed anyway and damaged the personal economies of all 303 million Americans in the process and had to be bailed out by—you guessed it—big government. BigBad.

• The Fifty United States—thirteen originally—are the founders and owners of the government in Washington DC. They established the federal government to serve “We the People…” and to protect our rights from those who would ignore or abuse them. The role of the federal government is not to provide for us or to replace our personal decision-making with imperial fiats. However, in the past few decades the federal government has become the Behemoth of the Behemoths, has ballooned into a giant Pillsbury Dough Boy that usurps many of the rights of the Fifty United States and of “We the People…”—not to mention a boatload of our money.
o The federal government consumes or controls over one-half of the American economy directly and affects almost every aspect of the economic life of every individual and business in the country.
o The federal government’s financial house is a complete disaster with deficits running in the billions, debt in the trillions—that thousands of times billions—and unfunded liabilities for Social Security. Medicare, and Obamacare into the HUNDREDS OF TRILLIONS!
o Unregulated czars and anonymous bureaucrats add hundreds of billions more to the expenses of American businesses and families every minute of every hour of every day of every month of every year. The US Congress is corrupt beyond measure. Lobbyists like AARP and Planned Parenthood win favors for themselves at the expense of—you guessed it—“We the People…”
o Obamacare has burdened an already bloated health-care system with a trillion dollar overhead burden and adds nothing of value in return…
o BigBad.

• Finally, there’s the Federal Reserve Bank, which—by the way—is not a part of the federal government, has no reserves at all, and is not a bank. The Federal Reserve Bank—the FED—is a private enterprise. The FED controls the currency of the United States of America. The FED is not accountable to anyone—least of all to “We the People…” In other words, their own interests motivate The FED’s owners. The government allows the FED to print as much of our money as it—not “We the People…”—wants and to manipulate the economy at its whim.
o No comment is necessary. BigBad.
The economy and the social fabric of the United States of America are also big. Surprisingly, the USA became big because the US Constitution and Bill of Rights focus on protecting and preserving the rights and property of individuals and of the small family-owned businesses, farms, professional practices, and communities that are “We the People…”
Big was bad in 1776 when the British aristocracy of kings and commerce disregarded the rights and property of the citizens and of the small businesses of the colonies. The same thing is happening today…
The interests of big government in Washington and its allies in the banking and financial, pharmaceutical, defense, energy, non-profits, unions, and other big entities have displaced the government’s responsibility to uphold and protect the rights and property of “We the People…” and have usurped the powers reserved for the fifty states…all promised by the US Constitution.

It’s time for the next American Revolution.
It’s time for the Convention of States authorized by Article V of the Constitution and demanded by the principles “We the People…” need to protect.
It’s time for all Americans—black, brown, oriental, white, Hispanic, native, and immigrant US citizens of all backgrounds, religions, and nationalities—to take up their pens, raise their voices, and disavow the unconstitutional rules and regulations emanating from the Washington autocracy of un-American Progressive Democrats led by a lawless executive branch, supported by an irresponsible and corrupt congress, and misguided by confused an over-reaching courts.
It’s time…
Will you stand up for “We the People…?”
Go to and help American Citizens take back their country.
Government corrupts those that choose it as a career. Career politicians and executive level civil servant bureaucrats forsake servant leadership and embrace ideology and self-interest.
Casting aside common sense and common interests in favor of an ideology makes open and fair discussion of problems and opportunities impossible. The adverse effect of abandoning common sense and common interests to ideology and self-interest is apparent every day in Washington DC, state houses, and city halls across the United States of America.
Progressive Democrats elected from the left deceive with socialist ideology. They suggest that bigger government would better serve Citizens of the United States of America. These ideologues measure the success of the United States of America by government’s control of business, education, health care, retirement programs, and every other economic or personal activity. The Progressive Democrat socialist ideology insists that government knows better than individual Citizens do what is best for individual Citizens.
Capitalist leaning elected ideologues—capitalist in name only—justify exorbitant spending on salaries and rewards for executives both in and out of government using a distorted economic paradigm. Capitalist-in-name-only ideologues measure the success of the United States of America by the huge benefits to big money interests and the re-election of the pseudo-capitalists. Capitalist ideology believes that assuring the success of BIG will assure the success of Citizens.
Whether socialist or capitalist, ideologues do not serve “We the People…” They serve themselves and the BIG special interest groups that support them. The United States of America would be better served if Citizens elected officials that would courageously dismantled the system that aligns big government—whether socialist or capitalist—with big money interests…business, education, pharmaceuticals, health care, NGOs, unions, environmentalists, agriculture, energy, etc…in government run cartels that…
• promote the success of the BIG
• at the expense of the economy and the character of the United States of America
The Citizens of the United States of America cannot rely on the current system. Conflicting ideologies have disabled the current system of government and taxation. The United States of America Citizens and small businesses need a new system that favors the economic health of Citizens and small businesses and revitalizes the character of the nation.
• The United States of America deserves better than ideology
• The United States of America deserves better than politicians
The United States of America…at this moment in history…deserves and requires Statesmen with the character and economic sense of the Founders…women and men that “…mutually pledge our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor” to assure the character, economy, success, and perhaps even the survival of the United States of America.
• The only way to address these issues is to restore power to “We the People…”
• An Article V Convention of States is the only Constitutional way to assure that outcome

PS – American Revolutions – 1776, 1861, 1913, 1960, 2016
In 1776 a ragtag bunch of Patriots—farmers, merchants, artisans, even lawyers…and let’s not forget Benjamin Franklin, the first American—pledged “to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” Their aim was to depose the cronies of the British autocracy that bore down on them with unbearable oppression. They won.
Today’s equivalent is the federal government and its cronies—big banks, big businesses, big unions, favored industries, and the behemoth federal bureaucracy.
Since the first American Revolution, Republicans have fought—and died—alongside working US citizens, small business owners, black Americans, and every oppressed minority. Consider these facts…
• 1854 – The Republican Party formed specifically to end both slavery and the slave trade.
• 1861 – The Civil War began between the Republican northern states and the Democrat southern states.
• 1862 – Republican President Abraham Lincoln crafted and signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all slaves.
• 1913 – Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, to the delight of the KKK, reversed half a century of successful integration of the government and the military and re-segregated all government offices. (Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson also burdened us with the income tax and the Federal Reserve Banking system—you know…the one we had to bail out in 2009 that cost you a fortune and the banking system nothing.)
• 1960 – The Civil Rights Act passed the US Congress with all Republicans voting for it and a majority of Democrats voting against it.
In 2016, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump started the 21st Century American Revolution.
BERNIE LOST but the Progressive Democrat machine that Bernie is a part of clearly wants to keep on doing what it’s done since the Civil War…
• Keep black Americans enslaved to the largess of the Federal Government
• Magnify the differences between and among US citizens by segregating groups and pitting them one against the other and all against Republicans, not because Republicans are wrong but because Republicans oppose the Progressive Democrat agenda that keeps the poor poor and makes the rich richer
• Convert the government from a Republic that is owned and operated by the States to an autocracy ruled by Progressive—almost socialist—Democrats and their cronies in big banks, big businesses, big unions, favored industries, and the behemoth federal bureaucracy

• DONALD WON. Donald beat the Republican machine that has been less than effective at keeping the promises and adhering to the principals the Founder of the United States enshrined in the US Constitution…
• A republican form of limited federal government that cedes to the states and the citizens all rights not specifically granted the federal government – Bill of Rights: Tenth Amendment
• A free market economy that supports small business and does not grant privilege to BIG banks, businesses, unions, favored industries, and the federal bureaucracy itself
• Private property rights
• The due process of law
• Protection of individual rights for every US citizen based on our common humanity regardless of racial, ethnic, gender, or other government granted privileges—even simple differences among citizens—masquerading as “rights”

If we, as individual citizens of the United States of America, choose to free black Americans and other minorities from ghettos promoted by Progressive Democrats and to dismantle the behemoth bureaucracy that suppresses the innovation and invention—the hallmarks of small businesses in the US—under the weight of regulation…then put a Republican in charge.
Is Trump that guy? We each have to decide that. However, Trump has demonstrated that he can overpower the BIG in the Republican Party. Unless we elect Trump America will put the most corrupt presidential candidate in US history in the White House and continue to suffer from the scourge of Progressive Democratic rule that aims to replace your individual rights with “rights” granted to BIG banks, BIG businesses, BIG unions, BIG favored industries, BIG NGOs, and the BEHEMOTH federal bureaucracy.

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