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Over the past forty-some years I developed a financial model that small business owners could apply to both their business and their personal economies.  I named the model EUREKONOMICS™…eureka is Greek for “I found it” and okonomia is Greek for “stewardship or management.”

The basic aim and result of EUREKONOMICS™ is to remove one’s business and personal finances, as much as possible, from the investment, banking, and taxation systems.  Removing assets from these systems implies finding ways to capture, preserve, and use liquid assets in lieu of banking and—as much as possible—outside the taxation system.

The successes of the EUREKONOMICS™ model are manifest in the businesses and lives of those that employ it…too much info for a morning musing.  Just ask yourself,…

“Does the advice and guidance I am receiving for my small business and personal economies fatten my wallet or the wallets of Wall Streeters and the IRS?”

If you do some research and look carefully at the actual results obtained in the bad times, e.g.2001 and 2008—every advisor is successful in the good times—and over the long haul, you will discover an answer that may not be to your liking.

Waddayathink?  Am I wrong?  Did I miss something?

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