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Expecting simple solutions to complex problems is…simplistic.

If a business owner/CEO expects to grow and prosper in 2017, s/he would be shortsighted to expect to address in a few hours of planning every issue, challenge, problem, or opportunity that 2017 may present. A business plan for 2017 must be a living, growing process. Some of the issues, challenges, problems, or opportunities a 2017 business plan addresses may have taken years to develop and others may not even be on the radar when the planning occurs; whatever an owner/CEO plans today, is subject to change tomorrow.

Here are a few realities an owner/CEO faces when planning…

  • Planning that occurs in January will be outdated in February…count on it
  • Marketing plans in today’s rapidly expanding universe of traditional media outlets and exploding number of social media sites may be out of synch with the clients and customers of a business before the business can execute the plan
  • Financial plans based on recent experience are bound to fail as the economy changes
  • Personnel requirements based on the successful accomplishment of other plans may be miles off target it those other plans fail

The list could go on for pages…

Here’s the secret:

Effective business planning demands the planner have access to the ideas, insights, knowledge, experience, practices, and perspective of peer owner/CEOs.

Each business owner/CEO needs peer advisors willing to evaluate and contribute to the thinking of the planner.

The Apollo XIII crew—commander James A. Lovell, John L. Swigert, and Fred W. Haise—would have failed to survive if they had to solve the problem that challenged them on their own. It took the entire NASA team to come up with a solution.

Planning in the cocoon of one’s own experience is akin to exploring the world without leaving the house.

By Jeffrey Reeves, MA, EUREKONOMIST™

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