Profit Pilots married these two powerful business toolsa Trusted Board of Advisors™ and a proprietary structured mastermind process Profit Pilots calls the Perpetual Cycle of Empowerment™—and created the Profit Pilots Success Corps.  The Profit Pilots Success Corps allows business owners and CEOs to align with a permanent board of advisors that …

  • Meets regularly
  • Follows a structured masterminding process that focuses on leadership, decision making, strategic planning, and problem solving
  • SOAR Together…

Shares ideas, insights, experience, practices, and perspective
Operates based on trust between and among members
Achieves balance between work and non-work lives
Rewards themselves, their families, employees, customers, and community with their wisdom and wealth

Profit Pilots Success Corps’ members serve as each other’s Trusted board of Advisors™ and don’t have to rely exclusively on haphazard guidance from…


  • paid advisors
  • temporary relationships in expensive coach/consultant driven groups
  • casual business acquaintances
  • relatives and friends

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