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In most traditional groups that serve small business owners, the operator of the group retains or—in the case of franchises and licenses—purchases the right to provide services, retains most if not all of the net revenue, and expects to sell her/his services to the members in order to extract as much additional revenue as possible from individual group members.

Profit Pilots, Inc. breaks that mold.

Profit Pilots, Inc. [2014 to present]


has created a new category among business associations[1] that support small business owners and CEOs

has invented a collaborative business model and a unique revenue model that disrupts the traditional business and revenue models of peer counseling, mastermind, networking, and leads groups…

How Profit Pilots, Inc. breaks the mold.


  • Does not charge Commanders—the Profit Pilots, Inc. name for group leaders—a single penny to open and operate a Profit Pilots Command
  • Does not permit Commanders or members to solicit business from each other[2]
  • Shares the net revenue earned from the operation of each Profit Pilots Command with the Command’s founder[3]
  • Grants the five Founding Members a portion of the profits from the group’s operation[4]
  • Rewards every dues paying member—at no cost[5] —with free or discounted events such as golf outings, wine tastings, an annual awards banquet, seminars and workshops, etc. and a growing list of valuable perquisites acquired at the expense of Profit Pilots, Inc.

Profit Pilots, Inc. is currently operating its prototype group in Denver, CO. Profit Pilots, Inc. plans to open three or four more groups in 2016, and launch a national campaign to open one-hundred groups in 2017 with a goal of one-thousand groups by the end of 2021. Each group should generate $36,000 to $60,000 per year in dues revenue.

[1] Business associations as defined by NAICS 813910 - This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in promoting the business interests of their members.  These establishments may also conduct research on new products and services; develop market statistics; sponsor quality and certification standards; lobby public officials; or publish newsletters, books, or periodicals for distribution to their members.  This is the official description provided by The United States Census Bureau.

[2] Members are encouraged to do business with each other when approached voluntarily by a fellow member.  Members are also encouraged to introduce fellow members to non-member business owners when a fellow member expresses a need for a product or service that is not provided by one of the other members of her/his command.  In addition, as the number of Commands and members grows, Profit Pilots, Inc. will create a directory of member businesses that highlight the products and services of those businesses and to which every member of every Command will have access.

[3] Profit Pilots Commanders are 1099 contract employees.  Profit Pilots, Inc. calculates a Commander’s compensation using the net revenue of their Commands as the basis.

[4] Profit Pilots, Inc. shares an amount of the gross profits of each Command with the Founding Members annually.  The number of dues paying members in the Command determines the factor used to calculate the amount.

[5] Profit Pilots, Inc. allocates a per-capita amount of gross monthly dues to fund events and perquisites.

Start your own group!