The average employment of a Profit Pilots member Company Is about 50.

The average revenue of a Profit Pilots member company is about $150k per employee.

To put that in perspective and complete the vision…

  • 1000 Profit Pilots Commands x 16 members = 16,000 businesses
  • 16,000 businesses with 50 employees each = 800,000 employees
  • 800,000 employees x $150k each = $120,000,000,000 revenue
  • There’s more…
    • 16,000 business owners with an average of 20 networking contacts with other business owners = 320,000 other business owners, a network with a significant voice
    • 800,000 employees x average family size of 2.3 = 1,840,000 Americans being supported plus 800,000 employees with networks of their own families, friends, churches, and communities…another 8,000,000

    Profit Pilots is a powerful voice in support of the freedom and opportunities promised by the US Constitution and nearly 250 years of struggle to protect and preserve the rights that assure freedom and opportunity.

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